Red Analog FACP 1-Loop AS0810-10



Construction: 16AWG sheet steel
Dimensions: 14.5”W x 18.9”H x 4.25” D
Weight (without batteries): 20lb
Mains voltage supply: 115 or 230V AC 50 or 60 Hz.(specify when ordering, default is 115V)
Mains supply fuse: 1.6A 250V
Power supply DC rating: 24V 5.25 Amps
Aux 24V supply: Fused at 500 milliamps
Battery (24 hour standby): 9Ah 12V (2 per panel) (non-networked)
Fault contact rating: 30V DC 1 Amp
Fire contact rating: 30V DC 1 Amp
Alarm contact rating: 30V DC 1 Amp
NAC output rating: 3.1V across both channels, 2.3V across any one
Detection loop: 250 milliamp output
Serial expansion port: Serial RS485
PC port: Serial RS232
Network connection: Optional network Cards allow the use of e-Net networking or VESnet networking
NAC Synchronization: Internal Support
NAC Protocols: System Sensor, Wheelock, Gentex, Amseco


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