AIPHONE NEM Series Intercom System

The NEM Series is a Lamp Memory Intercom that will support two master stations and up to forty sub stations. Calls to the sub stations can be placed selectively or via all call from the master station.

  • Master in 10, 20, 30, and 40-station sizes (with or without handset)
  • Built-in All Call
  • Press to talk at master or use handset, hands-free at sub
  • Group call up to 10 subs at a time
  • Optional background music – requires NB-U (max. 40 stations) and 10W, 25V or 8Ω PA amp (N/A from Aiphone)


Power Source

Use PS-2410A for NEM-10/20 and PS-2420UL for NEM-30/40 24V DC, 45W max


Master to sub: By voice only after pre-tone Sub to master: Call tone and LED, remaining lit until call is answered


Push-to-talk, release to listen or VOX with handset Hands-free at sub station

Communication Output

500mW max., adjustable All Call: 6W, 12W Selectively up to 10 subs with TALK: 3W


Doors/Subs to masters: 2-cond., overall shield NEW-5 to master: 10-cond., overall shield


Doors/Subs to masters: 420’(22AWG) 1,000’(18AWG)

Wire Type

NE-JA to master: 360’ (22AWG) Doors/Subs to masters: Aiphone #822202 or Aiphone #821802


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