DS401 Turnstile


*Full Height Turnstile designed to provide unsupervised access control for office or building.
*The impenetrable constructions eliminate any unauthorized access to restricted areas.
*The machine is well designed to be rustproof, durable and able to resist external destroy.
*Full Height Turnstile is normally designed to be Semi-Automatic Type, but we can also provide Full Automatic Type and Manual Type for customization.




Item: Description:
Framework: 304 (Standard) / 316 grade stainless steel
Thickness of Ply: 1.2mm (Standard) / 1.5mm (optional)
Dimensions: (L)1630 X (W)1500X (H)2310 (mm)
Finishing: Brushed (Standard) / Polishing / Electroplating / Baking finish
Pass width: ≤650mm (Can be customized))
Weight: 225Kg
Operation direction: Single direction / Bi-direction
Power Voltage: AC220V +/- 10%  50-60 Hz
Work Environment: Indoor / Outdoor (Shelter)
Pass rate: >35 person / min
Driving Voltage: DC24V
Operating Temp.: -20℃ ~ +60℃
Input Connection 12V Dry contact



*Removable end covers for easy integration of any type of access control device
*Numerous configurations covering all cases of pedestrian access control
*Simple to install


Self-examine on breakdown, ease of use and maintenance.
Automatic reset function, if the passager does not pass within a stated time, the system will automatically
cancel the user’s pass authority.
Anti-breakthrough function.
The device can be connected with various readers devices, work under receiving signals from relay switches.
Delayed automatic reset function, standard setting is automatic restoring after 5 seconds.
Remote control and management by computer.

Customized Features

Alternative Materials, Finishes, Size and Custom Design.

System integrator may, according to user’s demands, install different user interfaces, e.g. induction card reader, magnetic card reader, fingerprint collector, Infrared detector, status indicator, and door-opening button, etc.


Full height turnstile mainly applied in Industrial, Enterprises, Nuclear power plants, Prisons, Exhibition centres, Railways, Banks, Gateway Guard, Charge Management, Special Access Control, and so on.


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