DS305 Turnstile


*Easy to install. Open the machine door and place the machine on to the anchor bolts, then fix the machine and tighten the screws.
*The flap barrier gates are very robust products, it able to install in inside and outside buildings.
*It can be integrated with magnetic card, barcode scanner, counter, swallow machine, token accepter, and fingerprint machine by standard electrical interface.
*it is very safety, to meet fire-control passage requirements, the flap barrier gates arms will open automatically when the power off.
*ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and CE certification.




Item: Description:
Material: 304 S/S, Arm-Plexiglass
Thickness of Ply: 1.2mm (Standard) / 1.5mm (optional)
Dimensions: (L)1200* (W)280 *(H)990 (mm)
Finishing: Brushed (Standard) / Fingerprint processing
Pass width: ≤600mm (Can be customized))
Weight: 80Kg
Operation direction: Single direction / Bi-direction
Power Voltage: AC220V +/- 10V 50Hz; AC110V +/- 10V 60Hz
Work Environment: Indoor / Outdoor(with shed)
Pass rate: 30 person/min(normal open); 20 person/min(normal close)
Driving Motor: 40W/24V
Operating Temp.: -15℃ ~ 60℃
Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 95% without concretion
Arm open/Close time 1s
Input Interface: 12v level signal or Pulse Wide>100ms
Communication interface: RS485 or RS232, TCP/IP (Distance: ≤10m)
Infrared sensor 3 pairs ( can add base on request)



* Flap Barrier alarms automatically if someone passed illegally.
*If someone stands in the lane, the barrier will not pen even the card reader gives relay signal to the barrier.
*Anti-trailing function, the barrier will lock if someone wants to burst in without swiping the card.
*When power off, the barrier arms will keep open (for safety).
*Infrared sense to prevent pinch pedestrians.
*Standard communication interface, can connect with most of access control parts, also can control and manage wireless by computer.
*When connect the access control system, you can know how many person through the machine by computer directly.
*Passing direction will be shown by LED and passengers will know which direction is allowed to pass.
*By software, the people who can pass through or not can be set to meet special request.
*Automatic reset function, pedestrian swiped card but did not through in the specified time, barrier system will cancel the pedestrian’s access automatically, if he/she wants to pass, needs to swipe card again.



Industrial, Enterprises, Living garden, Public park, Amusement park, Entertainment centers, Buildings offices, Exhibition centers, Airports, Seaports, Railways, Ski resorts, Schools, Museums, Shops, Supermarkets ,and so on.


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