YF3016 Fire Alarm Control Panel 16 Zone



Key Features

 Item  Specification
 Type  Wall-mount
 Power Source  230V AC 50/60 HZ ±10%
 Standby Battery  24V DC
 Charging Voltage  Below 26V DC 450mA, trickle charging
 Circuit Voltage  24V DC operation voltage under 10~11V DC 32mA
 Rated Impedance  Below 50Ω
 Detector Connection  No limitation for Conventional Rate of Rise or Fixed  Temperature Heat Detectors;

 Up to 30 Photoelectric Smoke Detectors can be  connected per zone (monitor current for detectors: 24V  DC 40μA )

 E.O.L. Resistor  10KΩ
 No. of Indicators  The same as the number of zones (LED indicator  lamp)
 No. of Bells  The same as the number of zones
 Color  Red
 Buttons  Push-button
 Cabinet Material  Flame retardant ABS enclosure (up to 24L only)
 Main Audio  Mono tone sounder (above 85 dB for 1m distance)
Alarm Relay Contact  No-voltage NO contact; capacity 250V AC/7A