Water Tank Level Sensor

AVTECH’s Water Tank Level 1 Sensor (NC) monitors the rise and fall of water in a container (i.e. typically a large tank). The float and control weight are composed of chemically-resistant polypropylene; the 16′ cable is coated with rugged PVC. Because this sensor uses a dual-point switch and differential height between switch states, you can use just one sensor to monitor two levels… both high and low.



Dimensions of the float switch are 5.1″ H x 3.0″ W. The control weight is 4″ H x 2.25″ W. The 16′ attached cable with PVC coating has a protection rating of IP67 and NEMA 6. The switch state differential range is a minimum of 10″ and a maximum of 50″. Please see the Installation Note for more information.

There is also a Normally Open (NO) version of this sensor called the Water Tank Level 2 Sensor (NO), product # RMA-WTL2-SEN.

This is an instant ‘Plug & Play’ sensor via one of the switch sensor channels on the back of the Room Alert ID box. Cable distance can be extended from the standard 25′ to approximately 900′ by using standard speaker wire, twisted pair or any reliable low voltage 2-wire cable.


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