TOA-TZ-406B AS Column Speakers

The TZ-406 Column Speaker employs multiple cone speakers
arranged vertically on a single baffle board to provide wider
horizontal directivity.



Enclosure Sealed type
Rated Input 40W
Rated Impedance 100V line: 250 Ω (40W). 500 Ω (20W). 1 kΩ (10W). 2 kΩ (5W)
70V line: 250 Ω (20W). 500 Ω (10W). 1 kΩ (5W). 2 kΩ (2.5W)
Sensitivity 93dB (1W.1m)
Frequency response 150 – 16000Hz
Speaker Component 10cm cone-type × 4
Input Terminal Push-in terminal
Finish HIPS, black
Dimensions “135(w) × 498(h) × 128(d) mm
Weight (unit only) 3.5kg


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