TOA-BS-5W Splashproof Speaker

Both the BS-5W and BS-10WL are splashproof wall-mounted speakers employing a splashproof 10 cm fullrange speaker. Applications of these speakers include uses at outdoor locations under eaves which can avoid direct water splash and at highly humid locations including locker rooms of shower rooms, swimming pools, and bath rooms. Because the BS-10WL is magnetically shielded, it does not have any adverse effect on television sets even when it is installed in close proximity to them.



Type Sealed type
Speaker 10cm dynamic speaker
Rated Power 5W
Impedance 2k Ω (5W), 3.3k Ω (3W), 5k Ω (2W)
Output Sound Pressure Leve 90dB / W / M
Frequency Response 120 ~ 18,000Hz
Operating Temperature Range -20 ~ +55°C
Speaker Component 12cm dynamic cone type speaker
Finish Enclosure; Polypropylene, Grey / Grill; Aluminium, Grey.
Dimensions (W x H x D) 198 x 177 x 159mm
Weight 1.4kg



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