Panasonic KXTES824E PABX System

  • Telephone systems for the small to medium sized company take a giant leap forward with the introduction of the new, advanced, KX-TES824 from Panasonic.

    This system offers many benefits seldom available from products in this category. Its easy upgradeability reduces the cost of expansion, Caller Line Identification increases your efficiency and voice processing integration improves productivity. And of course – because it’s from Panasonic – reliability, quality and functionality are guaranteed.

    Panasonic have been manufacturing business and consumer products to the highest quality for many years. Products which are designed to make life easier, less stressful and more enjoyable. The KX-TES824 does all that for your business, and more too.

    Upgrade to more, for less

    The scalability of the new KX-TES824 means you can start with the size of system which suits you, and expand it as your needs expand. From three lines and eight extensions, you can build up to a larger system simply by purchasing optional cards, rather than a completely new system.



  • Absent Message Capability
  • Account Code Entry – (Option / Forced / Verified)
  • Alternate Calling – Ring / Voice
  • Automatic Call-back Busy – (Camp-on)
  • Automatic Configuration for Outside (CO) Line Type
  • Automatic Fax Transfer
  • Battery Backup Interface – (Built – in)
  • Built-in Voice Message (BV)*1
  • Busy Station Signalling (BSS)
  • Call Barring
  • Call Forwarding
    – All
    – Busy / No Answer
    – Follow Me
    – To Outside
  • Caller ID Display on SLT and APT*1 *3
  • Calling Party Control (CPC) Signal Detection*2
  • Call Park
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Routing for Fixed Line SMS
  • Call Splitting
  • Call Transfer
    – To Extension
    – To Outside (CO) Line
  • Call Waiting
  • Conference (3-Party / 5-Party)
  • Conference, Unattended – (3-Party)
  • Data Line Security
  • Direct in Line (DIL)
  • DISA (Direct Inward System Access) with message (3-level, 1ch, 180sec)
  • Distinctive Dial Tone
  • DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • DND Override
  • Door Opener*1
  • Doorphone Call*1
  • DSS Console
  • Emergency Call
  • Executive Busy Override (Extension / CO Line)
  • Executive Busy Override Deny
  • Extension Group
  • Extension Password / System Password
  • External Feature Access
  • Flexible Extension Numbering
  • Handsfree Answerback
  • Hold
  • Intercept Routing
  • Intercom Calling
  • Limited Call Duration (1~32 minutes)
  • Log-In / Log-Out
  • Message Waiting
  • Music on Hold / Background Music (BGM)
  • One-Touch Dialling
  • Operator Call
  • Outgoing Message (OGM)
  • Paging
    – All Extension
    – Group
    – External
  • Paging Deny
  • Parallel Telephone Connection
  • Pickup Dialling (Hot Line)
  • Polarity Reverse Detection*2
  • Power Failure Transfer
  • Preferred Line Assignment
    – Incoming
    – Outgoing
  • Programming (via PT / PC)
  • Pulse to Tone Conversion
  • Redial
    – Automatic
    – Last Number
    – Saved Number
    – Logged Caller ID*1
  • Ringing Pattern Selection
  • Room Monitor (APT / Doorphone)
  • Secret Dialling
  • Speed Dialling
    – System
    – Personal
  • Station Feature Clear
  • Station Hunting
  • Station Lock
  • Station Lock, Remote
  • SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording)
  • Time (Day / Night / Lunch) Service
    – Automatic
    – Manual
  • Timed Reminder
  • Timed Reminder, Remote
  • UCD (Uniform Call Distribution) with message
  • Voice Mail Integration (APT / DTMF)
  • Walking COS (Class of Service)
  • *1An optional card is required.
  • *2 Polarity Reverse Detection is subject to the telephone company services in your country.
  • *3 Please contact your dealer or phone company to confirm if the Caller ID service is available in your area.
  • APT: Analogue Proprietary Telephone
  • SLT: Single Line Telephone


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