Light Tower w/ Audio

Light Tower w/Audio
External Light Tower
Yes, Red-Yellow-Green w/Audio
Oscillation Frequency
2.7 KHz +/- 50Hz (Max Intensity 95 dB @ 1m)
Adjustable Audio
Mounting Bracket
Yes, Compatible w/1U Rack, Wall or Other
Sensor Cable Type
AVTECH Custom Cable
Sensor Cable Length
15′ (Light Tower w/Audio Extension Cable Available)
Maximum Sensor Cable Length
Approximately 100′
Compatible Products
Room Alert 32W, 32E, Signal Tower Externals & 4E


The AVTECH Light Tower w/Audio is designed to enhance the alerting capabilities of the Room Alert 32W, 32E, 12E, 4E or 3E monitors to include visual and audible alerting when an issue or event occurs. The visual lights and audio alarms can also be turned on or off automatically or manually via the Room Alert web interface, AVTECH’s Device ManageR software and SNMP Trap or SNMP Set commands. Any Room Alert or Axis camera on the network can enable or disable the lights or audio. The light tower does not need to be directly attached to that unit. This capability allows the Light Towers to be mounted in any location where the lights are highly visible and trigger from across the network. Lights can be activated by alarms detected by sensors connected or by other devices remotely across the network.

The Light Tower w/Audio is connected to the Room Alert 4E via the Light Tower Connection Port on the back of the Room Alert 4E monitor. Room Alert 32W, 32E, 12E and 3E monitors require a Light Tower & Relay Adapter (which includes a Relay Switch) in order to connect the Light Tower. The Light Tower w/Audio has an adjustable audio alarm with an intensity range of 0 dB to 95 dB (at 1m). It can be adjusted by simply unscrewing the cover or removing the center plug. The Light Tower w/Audio comes standard with a 15′ cable that connects via easy ‘twist & click’ connectors. It can be extended to just over 100′ with AVTECH’s 25´ Light Tower w/Audio Extension Cable ONLY.


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