Light Tower & Relay Adapter

Light Tower Adapter w/Relay Switch
Light Tower Adapter
Required For Connection Of Light Towers To Room Alert 32W & 32E
Real-Time Recognition (Relay Switch)
Low Voltage Devices Being Turned On/Off, Alarm Panel Interface
Relay Outputs
Maximum Relay Load
0.3A at 125VAC, 1A at 24VDC
Sensor Cable Type
2 Wire Sensor Cable
Maximum Sensor Cable Length
Approximately 100´
Compatible Monitoring Products
Required For Connection Of Light Towers To Room Alert 32W & 32E ONLY


The AVTECH Light Tower & Adapter is required to connect the Light Tower, Light Tower w/Audio or Relay Switch Sensor to AVTECH’s Room Alert 32W, 32E or 3E environment monitors. It also includes one (1) relay switch that can be used to turn on/off low voltage devices via the Room Alert web interface, Device ManageR or automatically in response to an alarm condition going in or out of an alert stage. Common uses for this relay include connecting to a building alarm panel or other notification system to automate advanced alerting and response to static building alarms that do not notify staff. Users can also connect it to a generator, back up HVAC unit, fan or water pump to turn it on/off in response to an alert condition. The built-in relay supports loads up to 0.3A at 125VAC or 1A at 24VDC.

This is an instant ‘Plug & Play’ adapter that connects directly into the ‘Signal Tower / Relay’ Port on the front of the Room Alert 32W and 32E monitor or end of the Room Alert 3E via the included 25´ RJ-11 Cable, and to a Light Tower or Relay Switch Sensor via a connection cable. Connect the relay by using standard speaker wire, twisted pair or any reliable low voltage 2-wire cable. The AVTECH Light Tower & Relay Adapter is ONLY compatible with AVTECH’s Room Alert 32W, 32E and 3E at this time, or Relay Switch Sensor. A 5V 1A International Power Adapter is included that provides independent power to the attached devices.


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