HandHeld Metal Detector MD-200

General introduction:

MD-200 metal detector is a mini-type hand held metal detector, mainly for security check in important places like customs, airport and court. It will give an alarm sound and vibration with low voltage power alarm.



Product Parameters:


1.Alarm Indication : Audio alert and LED indicator and vibration


2.Sensitivity :≥5cm(for a RMB one YUAN Coin)


3.Power Supply:9V fold battery (6F22ND),can connect with recharger,(recharger is optional accessory )


4.Quiescent Current :<11.0mA


5.Operation Current:Audio and LED<56mA ,Vibration<90mA


6.Body Size:420*145*40mm


7.Net Weight: 218g   Gross Weight:330g   Color Box size:445*155*50mm


8.Package Size:48.5*32*46cm (20pcs/carton,7.7kg/carton)



Feature and Application:


1.using the cycle switch separately switch to audible alarm and concealed vibration alarm.


2.High sensitivity,can detect ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals,Using a simple,convenient and easy to adjust.


3.When the detection of metals with the sound(or vibration) and optical alarm functions simultaneously.


4.Alkaline batteries to 10%-15% proportion of the work of the police may be more than 40 hours of continuous work.


5.9V battery to 7V release around the same detection range. The battery voltage is low, will be automatically continuous alarm.


6.Small and simple,round detector head can exactly detect the location of metal, be used for wood ,school or factory where need not high sensitivity security check


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