Anson Safesmart Security Management Software

Model: Safesmart
Functions: •  Intelligent Upload and Download

•  Support Multi-database

•  Human-friendly Quick Start

•  Unification of Access Control with Video

•  Powerful Management Function

•  Excellent Attendance Module



Safesmart is a new generation management system software. Basing on customer demand and advice, Anson provides many new functions in the new software, including Simultaneous Multi-setup, Self-defined extension board output, various door-open modes in various time sections, Automatic data upload, and security function dismiss/activation etc.

Safesmart can realize hierarchical and time-sectioned access groups/authorizations and real-time display, also can record all event data, such as cardholders info (name, photo), event time, door location, event type (work time, overtime work, read card in invalid time sections, invalid card present, illegal door-open etc.. If unusual event occurs, Safesmart will initiate alarm and snapshot immediately. Safemart can also work with building automation system,closed monitor, fire alarm system etc.

Hardware for Sefesmart includes computer and M series access controllers / integrated access control. Operation systems for the PC can be Windows 2003 Server/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7. Safesmart works on these systems and applies ACCESS databases files (from Micosoft) for data storage. Multiple user can operate the software with a given access authority.

Safesmart supports different attendance modes. It supports cross-day attendance, three-shift attendance, statistical work time and overtime work..

Software Features

  1. Safesmart supports ACCESS and SQL server database.
  2. Safesmart supports multi-setup function. User can select various controllers at the same time, and then complete the setup simultaneously.
  3. When user clicks a functional button, saftsmart will display related help information automatically.
  4. Saftsmart is divided into introduction mode and technical mode.
  5. Safesmart supports single-step download, batch download and complete download.
  6. Saftsmart supports self-defined extension output. User can self-define any output as electric lock output, door-magnetic output or alarm output. User can also self-define the co-relation between input and output.
  7. Safesmart supports various door-open modes in various time sections.
  8. When user starts the software, the card present record and alarm record will be uploaded automatically.
  9. Safesmart supports E-map and snapshot function.
  10. safesmart can calculate the number of entrance/exit event.
  11. Safesmart supports automatic function dismiss/activation. It can work with building automation system,closed monitor, fire alarm system etc.
  12. Safesmart can import/export data in Microsoft Excel format.
  13. Safesmart support Multi-system authorization, access group and self-defined authorization.
  14. Safesmart can on-line patrol and cross-day and cross-time attendance.
  15. SDK can be provided for customer on-site development.


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