Honeywell Morley Lite


Honeywell Morley Lite is a Compact, High Performance, feature enriched Fire Alarm Control Panel designed to meet the Fire Detection Addressability.

Honeywell Morley-Lite Fire Detection Control Panel series is ideally suited for Small to Medium Sized Buildings, Residential Complexes, Banks, Healthcare, Restaurants, Retail Stores etc. Morley Lite Panels communicates via LiteSpeedTM protocol with Morley Lite Detectors and devices.

Morley Panel is built with combination of quick installation, enhanced feature set and advanced programming which allows installer to meet demands of the end user with flexibility on configurations. Equipped with configurable remote monitoring inputs, programmable relays, delay setting for alarm verification, software isolation of class B circuit and NAC outputs, mapping of NAC to specific class B circuits, password protections etc.

End users get clear visible indications, easy to operate functions to activate the control buttons, customizable class B circuit text via text inserts to meet building naming conventions. Reliable and trouble-free system built as per latest safety standards of industry which ensures system is safe and protected. Internal memory lock feature to restrict changes to fire panel configuration by an intruder without keylock.