WM-5220 UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone

  • Operating range: 3m – 120m.
  • Electret condenser cardiod microphone element.
  • 16 selectable channel frequencies.
  • Maximum input level: 126 dB SPL.
  • ON/OFF switch prevents the microphone from rolling.
  • Single AA battery operation for more compact and lightweight body.
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Built-in antenna


TOA wireless microphone tuners rely on Phased Lock Loop(PLL)synthesis for excellent performance levels, stability and reliability. Oscillation frequency changes caused by changes in ambient temperature are kept to a minimum. For a dramatic reduction in noise during changeover between antennas, true diversity and space diversity are now employed. The two truediversity tuner models are equipped with a twin antenna and support condenser microphones. A channel search function is incorporated in all tuners, and a two-line LCD display enables faster meter reading. Remaining battery power indication is also provided.
The WT-5000 Series tuner units are the 250mA true diversity WT-5800 and space diversity WT-5805, and the 130mA space diversity WT-5810. The WT-5800 and WT-5805 each provide 4 x 16 selectable frequencies, while the WT-5810 provides a 16-frequency selection.
• TOA true diversity and space diversity circuitry are incorporated in the WT-5000 Series tuners to ensure constant area coverage. Compared to conventional diversity tuners, TOA models come with simpler and more effective circuitry, thus enhancing overall performance and reliability.


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