Paradox 950 Safe Protector




The Paradox 950 Safe Protector is designed for security applications on metallic cabinets, cash-boxes, safe and metallic doors. It can also be applied successfully to protect concrete walls of bank depositories and other premises requiring high security protection level.

The Paradox Safe Protector is installed directly on the protected surface and reacts to the frequency spectrum of vibrations caused by surface breaking, cutting, and heavy knocking by grinders, electric arc welders, and oxyacetylene torches. It also reacts to knocking, filing and drilling on the protected surface.

Since effective operation is contingent on close contact between the safe protector and the protected surface, this surface must be well cleaned prior to installation. The safe protector should then be tightly attached to the safeguarded surface with 3 screws.


  • High-sensitivity piezoelectric element
  • Five sensitivity settings
  • 2.5m (8ft) protection range
  • Anti-tamper switch