Handheld Metal Detector THD


  THD Hand Held Metal Detector is a dependable and durable metal detector that features an exclusive 360 degree detection field. The Tactical Hand-Held Detector (THD) by features a highly sensitive and quick response that effectively detects all types of metallic objects.These objects are indicated by silent alerts with vibration and a red LED, giving officers the tactical advantage while scanning and retrieving metallic items. The 360 degree detection area allows for unrestricted scanning angles of the subject, especially in hard-to-scan areas. The Tactical Hand Held Metal Detector also features a bright LED flashlight at the tip of the detector that illuminates an area in lowlight and night applications.




1: Highly sensitive without need for adjustment.

2: Quick response time with advanced circuitry.

3: Detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband or other metallic objects.

4: Waterproof with slip free handle.

5: Robust construction with high impact plastic to withstand demanding law enforcement applications.

6: Full 360° detection area allowing unhindered detection.

7: Comes with ballistic weave belt holster to be mounted on belt or in car. One 9V battery included.

8: Bright LED flashlight at tip of unit for low light and/or night operation.

9: Recommend for law enforcement applications.


Technical Specification

Power supply 9V fold battery
Operation frequency 95khz
Adjustment mode Automatic
Audio frequency 2kHz Warble
Operating temperature 5°F to 140°F (-15°C to 60°C)
Indicators Silent/Vibrate

Red – Alarm condition

Green – Power ON

Amber – Battery low

Unit Weight Less than 300g
Scan Area 3.5’’(8.0cm)Long; 360° plus tip weight:6.4 oz.(.2g)
Battery Single 9V battery provides up to 60 hours of normal operation. Optional NIMH rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours on each 12-hours recharge.


Packaging & Delivery

Packing details:Packing with carton

Delivery details: 1-3 work days after received payment.


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