Anviz –VF30E Biometrics Fingerprint w/Access Control, Fingerprint, Password & RFID (Proximity card)




Anviz –VF30E Biometrics Fingerprint w/Access Control
Fingerprint, Password & RFID (Proximity card)
Fingerprint/Card capacity: 2,000, Log capacity: 50,000,
Identification time: <0.5 sec.,
Identification mode: FP, Card, ID+PF, ID+PW, PW+Card,
FP+Card, Communication interface: RS485, Mini USB SlavTCP/IP (LAN), Wiegand Out, Relay output (COM, NO, NC) Safety: Door Sensor and Tamper Alarm
Application: Access Control / Time and Attendance

1pc Power Supply 12V 3Amp
1pc Push to Exit Button (Metal)
1pc EM lock 300lbs /Drop Bolt Lock
1pc LZ Bracket300lbs /UBracket
Labor & Materials : Basic Installation Only for NEW installation for 1 (DOOR) /Panel & Supply of Materials UTP CAT6 , EMT Pipe Cable, Flatcord,GI Wire Cable Tie, E. Tape, Metal Flexible Hose ,Rugby, Sealant ,Tox, Gypsum Screw, Outlet & Plug for Door access, Installation equipments & devices. (Termination, Commissioning, Testing)extensive chipping coring drilling not included within Metro Manila only
Subject to change upon actual survey


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