Anson-ASC-ME24U Control Panel

Model: ASC-ME24U
Name: Professional Security Access Control System
Functions: •  Communication Mode: TCP/IP, RS485

•  Communication:TCP/IP, RS-485

•  20,000 users, 50,000 records

•  20,000 temporary cards, 20,000 alarm records

•  Support connecting with alarm extension board

•  DC 10~15V



Product Name Two-door / four-door controller
Control Mode Two-door two-way or four-door one-way
Processor ATMEGA64
Storage 8M FLASH
Address 0-128
Reader Interface Wiegand 26-66
Reader 4
LCD Display —-
Clock Circuit Built-in lithium battery clock module
Protection Circuit TVS protection and PPT protection
Card Capacity 20000pcs
Event Record 50000pcs
Temporary Card 20000pcs
Alarm Record 20000pcs
Exit Button Connectable 4pcs
Output Electric Lock 4 groups
Input Port 16
Output Port 9 +Extension board
Extension Board Support (4 group one)
Communication Interface TCP/IP, 2 RS485
Transmission Rate 10 / 100Mbps self-adaptive
Network Distance One bus < 100m, connect with HUB to prolong
Door Open Mode Card, password, card+ password, card or password
First-card Support
Multi-card Support
First-card Support
Remote Door Control Support
Force Door Control Support
Door Open Mode Support
Threaten Code Support
Door-open Code Support, one user one separate password
Door Hold Open Week Schedule Support
Exit Button Invalid Week Schedule Support
Anti-passback Support, can setup by group
Door Latch Support
Working Voltage 12V DC
Working Temperature -20℃~+70℃
Working Relative Humidity Temperature: -10~+55℃
Humidity: 10%~90%
Anti-static Interference ≥15KV
Product Size 224×141×16mm
Area of Application Storage and operation hall of banking system;
Places with high security demand such as ammunition store;
Storage for confidential documents, papers and valuable items;
Warehouses for storing inflammable, explosive, poisonous, toxic, radioactive materials ;
Museum, antique stores and places for displaying or storing important and valuable articles and treasures;
Governmental offices, R&D institutes, business buildings and factories;
Intelligent buildings, intelligent residential areas;
Prison, detention house;
Controller centers for public facilities and airports


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